Dresslily Haul

Dresslily has managed to catch my attention with great discounts and I did a Dresslily Haul.

What is Dresslily?

Dresslily is an online shopping site where you can find  high quality, trendy items with good prices  and you can buy from all over the world.

How long does shipping take from Dresslily?

I got my parcel in two weeks.I checked out the shipping information by my own account step by step.

Let's see what I bought from Dresslily.

Dresslily Haul

Dresslily Multi Function Front Pockets Backpack  an extremely high quality school bag with a wonderful color.

Dresslily Haul

My daughter loved Dresslily Haul and especially this Dresslily backpack.

Dresslily backpack

Dresslily backpack has got good quality,lightweight and suitable for teenagers.

Dresslily necklace

Dresslily Fake Gemstone Moon Round Pendant Necklace I bought this necklace for my daughter again.

Dresslily necklace

This Dresslily necklage is extremely pretty.

Dresslily earrings

Dresslily Rhinestone Rainbow Earrings The Dresslily earrings look amazing. Read this Dresslily Haul article.

I really loved my Dresslily Haul.All the items are in good quality and recommend highly.

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  1. Çanta çok kullanışlı bir model, takılar da çok şık :)

    1. Sapol canım Dresslily oldukça çok çeşide sahip bir site.

  2. the necklace and earrings are very nice. use good-bye.🙂

  3. Very nice haul dear. I love dresslily collection 😊

  4. I think that dresslily is a great website.

  5. ingilizce kıt olunca ancak çanta tanıtımını anladım teşekkür ederim emeğinize :)